Romania’s soccer team drew 1-1 to DR Congo last week in a friendly game in preparation for the EURO 2016 France.

The weak performance against Congo (rated 52 by FIFA) drew the ire of two of the most popular FM radio disc jockeys in Romania, Morar & Buzdugan, the morning show hosts at Radio Zu (a privately own station with national coverage).

And they channeled that ire into an outright racist rant against DR Congo’s players. More, they dropped insults to France’s national soccer team (Romania’s opponent in the opening game at EURO 2016) and used a famous Disney song as a racist joke.

Buzdugan (first left) and Morar (second right) - source:
Buzdugan (first left) and Morar (second right) offering apologies to Congolese diplomats in Bucharest – source:


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Ma intorceam, la sfirsit de iunie 1993, la Baia Mare dupa cinci ani de studentie la Cluj. Cu plete si diploma de inginer, mi-am facut tabara in camera din apartamentul parintilor mei de pe Cantemir.

Sora-mea era in Baia Mare de citiva ani, cu sotul ei si fiul lor care tocmai implinise cinci anisori.

Aveam in fata un nou capitol de viata, doar ca nu stiam detaliile.

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Ask any Canadian immigrant, and he will cheerfully pull out of the secret drawer a handful of innovative business projects to be done in their native country.

It’s part of the heavy load that a first-generation immigrant carries on a daily basis: read the online newspapers from back home, watch the Romanian (in my case) news on the internet, listen to FM stations from home while working at the office. And, every once in a while, come up with a great idea that – much to  his surprise – nobody had it before!

Talk about things that Canadian politicians should address comes election time! Forget the economy: make sure that Rogers Cable includes that Romanian (Polish, Russian etc) channel on their lineup.
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TEXT: historical moment – the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine changes to a smaller format

MUSIC: Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show – Cover of the Rolling Stone (1973)


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John Meadows, in on of his recent podcasts, evokes schooldays, when – this was in the early 70s – he and his buddies went to a costume party at school, dressed as a biker. There was a swastika on their leather jacket, but nobody really cared: neither the teachers at school, nor the kids or their parents. It was the 70s. John  is then asking his audience if that would go unnoticed in 2008.

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As many of you already know, I was a radio person. I worked in a radio.

And my home country is Romania. Therefore I listen tons of radio over the web from Romania, and I closely follow the audio landscape there.

The most exciting news from that part of the world is the coming-of-life of a new FM station, headquartered in Bucharest, Romania’s capital.

It’s a hit radio, an addition to a tough competition. It will be called ZU FM, and its manager (don’t exactly know his job title) is a fellow radio-person that I follow for some time on his blog, Tony Tesiu.

So far so good.

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