A comprehensive review of one of the top 5 Romanian Progressive Rock albums of all time, ZALMOXE by Sfinx (1978) – definitely a collector item.  Listen here while you read.

Although I have written briefly about progressive rock, I shied away thus far from Romanian progressive rock. That’s rather odd, considering that the apogee of that genre in Romania is universally considered to be the eponymous Zalmoxe by Sfinx, released (more like “censored”) in 1978.

via Zalmoxe by Sfinx, 1978 – Also Sprach Zamolxis.

The 1990s was THE decade to be a Romanian rock band. After the Communist regime was crushed and dictator Ceausescu swiftly executed in December 1989, a sense of exhilaration penetrated deep to the bone of each Romanian, in every little corner of the society: economy, social interaction, arts. Rock music included.

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