Am stat la o poveste cu Jon Asher – de la Asher Media Relations – agentul de presa al concursului Wacken Metal Battle Canada.

Omul a fost anu trecut in audienta la concertul Dirty Shirt  de la Wacken si i-a placut tare!

Jon Asher - of Asher Media - with the Dirty Shirt 2013 album, in Toronto, March 2015.
Jon Asher – of Asher Media – with the Dirty Shirt 2013 album Freak Show, in Toronto, March 2015.

Jon era la Wacken cu Mutank, gasca din Montreal care a reprezentat Canada in 2014 si pe care o cint azi prima – versurile piesei Thrashback in Time sunt aici, merita urmarite.

A doua trupa de azi de Crimson Shadows, din Toronto. In 2013 au cistigat marele premiu la Wacken Global Metal Battle.

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2014 Wacken second place winners Dirty Shirt release an almost-finished track from their upcoming 2015 album “Dirtylicious”.

The boys are working hard as usual and they’ll hit the road soon in support of the new record.

The song you’re about to listen is based on popular Northern Transylvanian folklore, and should be a bang in concert. Accomplished traditional musicians from Transylvania (the band’s homeland) laid the sounds that bring some tenderness to otherwise a metal blister. See all details below.

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Wacken (W.O.A.  – Wacken Open Air) is, of course, the mother of all metal festivals in the world.


If your band gets to play Wacken, it doesn’t need anything else in the resume.

Your band winning at Wacken Metal Battle, well…that’s like sitting at the table with the metal gods.


And, in AD 2014, my beloved hometown Romanians DIRTY SHIRT did just that. They won second place.

Which makes me wanna see them here in Canada even more!


Here is the story, in pics and video:

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