Toronto is home every year to North America’s Largest Festival For Dogs, Woofstock.

We were expecting to host our good friend Marley – (a beloved Hungarian Puli from Staunton, Virginia) (see his Facebook page here) – this year for the festival, but a last minute thing prevented his parents to make the trip to Toronto.

This was sad because Marley was to meet his brother Linus for the first time.

Marley and his parents in Toronto during the 2011 Christmas holiday. Marley modelling on top of Marcel's head - same as in the viral Budlight ad.
Marley and his parents in Toronto during the 2011 Christmas holiday. Marley modelling on top of Marcel’s head – same as in the viral Budlight ad.

We went to Woofstock 2013 anyway, and we had a nice surprise.

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Din inregistrarile primei editii a cenaclului ARS POETICA, il ascultati pe Zoltan Turi din Toronto recitind poezia proprie intitulata “Intrupare”

Chestia cea mai misto, prinsa in inregistrare, e ca poezia era recitata la lumina luminarii, fiind luat curentul. Pe final a venit lumina!

Cover art for “Wilderness Heart”, the latest Black Mountain album. I play an extract today.

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Watch online my appearance in the CBC TV show, beginning at minute 22’42”

My pitch – a “golf with coins” game called Hole – is here. The board I was using was just a demo, and not a real prototype of the product.

Arlene, Robert (himself a version of an 'immigrant song') and George

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TEXT: a free audio tour of the Luminato 2009 festival – a few words about the events I would like to attend, and about their location.

MUSIC: Bill Frisell – Slow Dance (from album The Best of Bill Frisell, Volume 1: Folk Songs; released 2009; label Nonesuch – thank you)


Fun at the LUMINATO festival in Toronto - photo by Stephanie Berger
Fun @ LUMINATO fest in Toronto - photo by Stephanie Berger

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Update 5 March 2009

According to blogTO, Andy will be back behind the microphone on Monday 09 March at 0545 AM.

Welcome back!

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UPDATE 19 February 2009

A very very sad day. Here is what I found on Twitter (from Jay Moonah):

@jmoonah RIP Mary Barrie (wife of CBC host Andy.) I worked with her for a bit at UofT, great lady. She’ll be dearly missed.

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I noticed quite a few searches on the web with the wording “Andy Barrie hiatus”.

The beloved CBC morning-show host is on a hiatus and people don’t know why.

Many of them reach my blog searching for Andy due to an older entry in my blog, not related to Andy but to the show’s website.

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Here is what I know about Andy’s hiatus.

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