If you were to plan a trip to Romania, the vast and beautiful land bordered by river Danube at the South and river Tisa at North, there are not that many English language blogs  to read.

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Hard to believe 20 years have passed this summer since my cousins Marinela and Axente Medan founded PUFULETE S.R.L. , the plant producing the best corn puffs in the world.

Everybody knows them as “pufuleti de Busag” (the “Busag corn puffs”, based on the location of the plant, the Busag village in the metro area of my natal hometown Baia Mare).

Photo 2015-09-04, 4 03 20 AM
Getting ready for a tour at the corn puffs plant in Busag, near Baia Mare (August 2015).

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I was born and raised in Baia Mare, a mining town with a history that goes beyond medieval times in Northern Transylvania, Romania.

Each time I visit during summer, I am welcome by trademark of my hometown. It reminds me of the happy childhood in the 1970s, and the beautiful people that populated it. It is the well manicured front yards, delimited by stylish wrought iron fences covered in roses.

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