If you are into jazz, ECM records, piano, viola & violin, Transylvania, or all of the above, you must make your way to the Jazz Bistro in downtown Toronto this coming Tuesday evening (at a very reasonable 8 PM and an extremely light-on-the-wallet $10 -$20).

It’s the Canadian premiere of the Transylvanian Concert (ECM 2313).

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You may remember the story last month where Snoop Dogg used Instagram to check-in while in Bogota, Columbia, but he fat-fingered it into Bogata, a small Transylvanian village in Romania.

There’s a follow up (on Sunday, April 3 2016) that Snoop would love.


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Hard to believe 20 years have passed this summer since my cousins Marinela and Axente Medan founded PUFULETE S.R.L. , the plant producing the best corn puffs in the world.

Everybody knows them as “pufuleti de Busag” (the “Busag corn puffs”, based on the location of the plant, the Busag village in the metro area of my natal hometown Baia Mare).

Photo 2015-09-04, 4 03 20 AM
Getting ready for a tour at the corn puffs plant in Busag, near Baia Mare (August 2015).

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** UPDATE **

Peaceful Soldier rocks The Horseshoe Tavern on March 2nd, 10 PM.

TEXT: rock bands formed from immigrants in Toronto are hot.

MUSIC: Peaceful Soldier – Attitude (2009, demo)


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