North West Jazz Festival: Baia Mare, Romania, 9-11 September 2016

One of the things I enjoyed most behind the Iron Curtain at the famous Sibiu Jazz Festival during the 1980’s was … regionalism.



Yes, it was great to see Western world artists once a year. Every time there were also artists I’ve never heard of, and equally fabulous, from Poland, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine and so on.

For 25 years that tradition was gone. Romania rarely caught a glimpse of the abundant musical talent, particularly jazz, available in its neighboring countries.

It is rekindled in 2016 when Baia Mare, my Transylvanian hometown in North West Romania, hosts the very first edition of North West Jazz Festival during 9-11 September 2016.

Take this Hungarian group for example, nonchalantly pushing the electric boundaries between jazz and rock:

Or the ethno jazz group Trigon from Republic of Moldova:

Take the trip to Baia Mare this September: the city is safe, the music will be great, and the food is yummy.

The location is the Fortress Square in the old city. Here is the schedule:

Vineri 09 septembrie (Piața Cetății) = Friday 09 September 2016:

19.30 Lyre & Pan Flute by Florin Ștefan – jazz fusion (România)

21.30 Trigon – etno jazz (Republica Moldova)

Sâmbătă 10 septembrie (Piața Cetății) = Saturday 10 September 2016 :

19.00 Marcian Petrescu & Trenul de noapte – chicago blues (România)

20.30 Blues Progression – blues rock (România)

22.00 Magyar Atom – blues rock (Ungaria)

Duminică 11 septembrie (Piața Cetății) = Sunday 11 September 2016:

19.30 Pluto my World Project – jazz fusion (Ungaria)

21.30 Special Providence – jazz fusion (Ungaria)

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