Teo Milea sells out Toronto. What next?

It was a sold out performance last night for Teo Milea at the Betty Oliphant Theatre in Toronto: a fitting gift for celebrating one year since landing to Canada.

source: CanadianBeats.ca
source: CanadianBeats.ca


The concert was titled “my piano stories”, and Milea’s charming musical storytelling took the public from sensitive contemplations to full-speed blasts of positive melodies. A trip to which the public responded enthusiastically.

Milea’s musical storytelling is doubled by witty musings between songs. It is how we found out more about some of his new material: a piece commissioned by McMichael Art Gallery for its 50th anniversary; a soundtrack for a short film; a four-hand composition that he played with one of his students, Sebastian Sperneac; and piano/flute music that he played with flutist Terry Lim. A full piano / flute concert was announced tentatively for April 2017.

Terry Lim (picture via canadianbeats.ca)

It was a perfect October night and, as usual, we thank the artists for the music. Looking forward to the next concert and everything in between!

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