On the cover of…

Which cover would you want to be on?

Rolling Stone, just like Dr. Hook?

Your local newspaper?

I didn’t ask to be on any cover, but I ended up on 4 of them. Album covers, that is:  a vinyl LP, 2 tape cassettes and one CD.


I am happy that my rocker friends did it, if only for my son to say “my daddy’s name was on a rock and roll record!”

Here they are…

Survolaj 1 (1992) – the first record I got my name on (me and buddy Raz took this album to Hendrix’s grave in May 2011, where this pic was taken). I was in the studio while the album was recorded in early summer 1992 in Bucharest. My money actually paid for the studio time!
Romanian art-rock band Talitha Qumi’s only album (1996). My name is on the inside cover on the ‘friends’ section, but have no actual picture of it. Click the picture for more info about this cult-followed album.
Hometown progressive, elaborate rockband B’N’G worked a few years to get this one out, around 1998 if I remember well. I spent countless hours with the band at the radio station, at their rehearsing den, backstage and in countless parties. See my name in the detail below.
My third time being named on a rock record: Baia Mare, Romania band BNG’s only album.
Fast forward to 2011, funk Seattle band The Staxx Brothers lists my name on their 3rd album. Apparently playing them in my podcast and travelling to Seattle to see them live got my name on it: thanks, friends!
The fourth time my name goes on a rock record: Seattle funk/hiphop band The Staxx Brothers thanked me on their 2011 album, Jungle Cat.

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